Political Economy, a term created by Antoine de Montchrétien in his   ́Traité d ́économie politique ́  in  1615,  exemplifies  the  difficult  balance  between  the  three  Greek  terms ́ politeia ́ (state),   ́oikos ́  (domestic  economy),  and   ́nomos ́  (law).    The Congress of Political Economists (COPE) has joined this discussion since its first meeting in Honolulu in 1990.  The  founder  of  COPE,  the late  Tej  Saini,  an immigrant  to  the  USA  from  India during the second half of the 20th century, has widened the spectrum of interest in the subject of international studies.  COPE meets annually not only in a different city but on different  continents,  thereby  attracting  an  international  group  of  excellent  local economists,  sociologists,  political  scientists  and  scientists  from  all  interested  research fields.   Due to the fact that for two years, COPE International met twice, this year it will be the 30th meeting in Miami. I joined the organization for the incredible inspiring congress in Rio de Janeiro 1992 and have hardly missed a meeting since then. Over that time, COPE International participants have met and discussed with colleagues and made friends all over the world.  They have gained not only a better understanding of theoretical and practical local positions but indeed contributed to the dissemination of political economical positions in numerous publications (as is one of our goals written in its constitution).  As COPE International is a not-for-profit organization, financial contributions for publications will strictly be used for its purpose or will have to be paid back to the authors.    Conference proceedings or a conference edited volume are produced at cost. No  single  officer  will  be  paid  for  her  or  his  engagement  for  COPE International.

COPE International is based at Wilkes University, Pennsylvania, USA. It is kept alive by the endeavors of its Honorary President Wagiha Taylor, political economist originally from Egypt. We all have to thank her for her ongoing interest in organizing congresses around the world.

The world is currently facing the highest number of wars in history exemplifying the timeless actuality of political economy and the urgent necessity and difficulty to debate problems of economic, political, and social interests.  COPE International is non-partisan for any specific position.  The group believes from its discussions that any theme can be a first step to a global fair political economy.

Irmela  Gorges, Berlin, Germany.

COPE International President

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Conference of Congress of Political Economists, International (COPE)