COPE International Conference Schedule


Dates                                                   Activities

Sunday            July 7, 2019                 Arrive

                                                   Evening Reception 6:00pm to 8:00pm


Monday           July 8, 2019                 Conference Opening 1/2 Day 8:30am

                                                                 1/2 Day City Tour


Tuesday           July 9 2019                  Full Day Conference 8:30am

                                                                Board of Directors Lunch Meeting


Wednesday     July 10, 2019            Full Day Conference

                                                                 Evening Banquet 6:00 8:30


Thursday         July 11, 2019                Full Day Educational Tour


Friday               July 12, 2019               Full Day Conference

                                                                 Bon Voyage

Schedule of Events

Conference of Congress of Political Economists, International (COPE)