33rd Annual  Conference New Orleans, Lousiina

Conference of Congress of Political Economists, International (COPE)

Membership and Conference Details






























                                                    All participants of COPE conventions must be members of the organization.

                                                    There are two kinds of membership - life and annual.

                                                    Membership dues:

                                                    Life (Founding) Members - $500

                                                    Annual Members - $75

                                                    You should indicate membership category on the Registration Form.

COPE Corespondance :

                                                    All Communications relating to membership, changes of address and                                                     other business of the association should be directed to:

                                                    Dr. Dean Frear, President:

                                                    Congress of Political Economists

                                                    Wilkes University - Business Division

                                                    84 W.South Street

                                                    Wilkes-Barre, PA 18766 USA

                                                    Voice: (570) 408-4739 OR (570) 408-4712

                                                    Fax: (570) 408-7874

                                                    E-mail: congofpoli@gmail.com


                                                    $300USD (required of all participants, including: coffee breaks, refreshment

                                                    breaks, banquet, conference rooms with equipment)   


                                                    (optional, for publication of paper in conference book)

                                                    $125USD - per paper

Conference Hotel:  

                                              Blake Hotel New Orleans, Louisiana

Hotel Information:

             Blake Hotel

New Orleans, Louisiana 70130 USA

                         Phone 504-522-9000 . Fax 504-522=9060

Website https://www.blakehotelneworleans.com/en-us

To receive the COPE Room Rate -Please contact the Hotel directly by May 7th, 2021.

The negotiated price is $89. US + 14% taxes  plus $1 occupancy per person per night, $10 for each additional adult up to 4 people per room, plus a 1.75% statutory Tourism Support Assesment.


Individuals will be responsible for making own reservations. Reservations can be made by calling the Hotel directly at (504) 522-9000 and mentioning COPE, International group block. Reservations made also be made online with the provided group link. Individual reservations must be made by the cut-off date listed in this agreement.



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Date:                                        October 21th-26th, 2021